Insurgent attack in South Thailand injures 24

Insurgent attack in South Thailand injures 24

Monday, October 19, 2009

The city of Yala, Thailand was hit by a bomb attack this morning in a fresh food market wounding 24, including three soldiers. One injured soldier is said to be in a serious condition.

The bomb was hidden in a motorcycle and detonated via remote. The police believe the bomb contained between seven and ten kilograms of explosives. Two men were witnessed parking the bike; police had checked the vehicle without detecting the bomb. It is suspected the bomb may have been detonated using a mobile phone.

This particular area of the city has been a target of local insurgents in the past; four attacks have occurred nearby and the implementation of new security measures is under consideration. These may include a prohibition on parking vehicles in front of the market, and introduction of closed-circuit television in the area.

The explosion occurred around 7:30 am local time (00.30 UTC). A range of civilians were injured in addition to members of the military; the attack is being blamed on insurgent members of the Malay-Muslim majority in southern Thailand.

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Wikinews interviews Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming

Wikinews interviews Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz of Heaven Sent Gaming

Friday, November 7, 2014Albuquerque, New Mexico —Online entertainment is a booming market, and plenty of players are making their play; back in March of this year The Walt Disney Company bought the multi-channel network Maker Studios. What is web entertainment, and the arts therein? And, who are the people venturing into this field? Wikinews interviewed Mario Lucero and Isabel Ruiz, the founders of Heaven Sent Gaming, a small entertainment team. This group has been responsible for several publications, within several different media formats; one successful example was aywv, a gaming news website, which was #1 in Gaming on YouTube in 2009, from September to November; Heaven Sent Gaming was also the subject of a referential book, released in 2014, entitled Internet Legends – Heaven Sent Gaming.


  • 1 General questions
    • 1.1 Influences
    • 1.2 Religion
  • 2 Media-related questions
    • 2.1 Comics
    • 2.2 Games
    • 2.3 Music
    • 2.4 Novels
    • 2.5 Video
    • 2.6 Web
  • 3 Closing questions
  • 4 Sources
  • 5 External links

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Sweeping bank regulatory overhaul passed in US House of Representatives

Sweeping bank regulatory overhaul passed in US House of Representatives

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never again, never again should Wall Street greed bring such suffering to our country.

The US House of Representatives passed a significant overhaul of financial regulations that strengthens the government’s hold on banks and also creates a new federal agency to oversee consumer lending on Wednesday.

“Never again, never again should Wall Street greed bring such suffering to our country,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-MD after the bill was passed by the House.

The House vote, which was mainly split over party lines, had 237 representatives in favor and 192 opposed. Only three Republicans voted for the bill, though this was an increase from December, when no Republicans voted for the previous version of the bill. This new bill combines the old December bill with a newer one passed by the more conservative Senate last month.

But even though the Senate passed their bill already, support for the one passed Wednesday looks a little uncertain. Since earlier this year the Democrats lost their 60 vote filibuster majority, they had to secure the votes of a few more moderate Republican senators to beat back procedural hurdles. Democrats struggled to win the full support of these senators even after backing down on a US$19 billion tax on big banks and hedge funds, which had been opposed by Republicans. This group of senators includes Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. All three voted for the Senate bill last month.

The $19 billion tax was inserted in the 2000 page plus bill late last week, which came as a surprise to many large banks. Brown initially objected to the tax, and threatened to vote against the entire bill if the tax was not removed. Instead, the new way of financing the bill’s cost will be using $11 billion in cash that came from ending the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a bill passed in 2008 that bailed out struggling banks, and also by increasing rates that banks pay to insure bank deposits to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. However, the increase in rates won’t affect banks with assets of less then $10 billion.

On Wednesday, Collins wrote a statement saying that she now planned to vote for the bill. However, Brown remained on the fence and said he would use recess during the week of July 4th to examine the details of the bill. He credited Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd for “thinking outside the box” in coming with a new way to fund the bill.

Other Republicans were much more opposed to the bill, and attacked it for failing to place tighter restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants that helped trigger the economic and housing meltdowns. House Republican leader John Boehner compared the new bill to using a nuclear weapon on an ant. In response, President Barack Obama said in a speech in Racine, Wisconsin that “[i]f the Republican leader is that out of touch with the struggles facing the American people, he should come here to Racine and ask people if they think the financial crisis was an ant.”

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Apple plans to sell movies on iTunes

Apple plans to sell movies on iTunes

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Apple Computer is planning to sell full-length feature films for download via the online iTunes Music Store. The store currently sells digital music tracks, and more recently has begun to sell TV episodes.

Apple executives are in negotiations with film studios to arrange the deal and settle on pricing structures. It is expected that films will retail for around $9.99 US dollars, although some studios are reported to want to set a higher price.

iTunes is currently by the biggest online retailer of digital music, with its software tightly integrated with the popular iPod line of products. Newer versions of the iPod include a colour screen capable of displaying videos, and so consumers could watch the films on the devices, but it is not yet clear how many people will want to do this.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also the largest single shareholder of Disney, which now owns animation studio Pixar, however he could end up playing a wider role within the film industry if iTunes becomes the dominant online distributor.

A full-length TV movie, ‘High School Musical‘ from Disney, is already available on iTunes, suggesting that the technical infrastructure is already in place.

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Australian carbon tax plans hit road block

Australian carbon tax plans hit road block

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s plans to implement a carbon tax in Australia have hit a roadblock today with the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes demanding that exemptions be made to certain heavy polluting industries including steel production as well as concerns about whether jobs will be lost.

Steel producing companies within Australia including BlueScope Steel and OneSteel have supported the move by the union claiming that a carbon tax would affect Australian Jobs. Paul O’Malley, managing director and Chief Executive of BlueScope, said that “the tax threat is still real for the Australian Steel industry and for our customers.”

Paul Howes told The Australian newspaper that “if one job is gone, our support is gone.” Mr. Howes is a powerful figure within the Australian Labor Party who is believed to have been instrumental with the removal of PM Gillard’s predecessor Kevin Rudd. Support for the Gillard Labor Government has dropped to an all time low earlier this year, with only a 30% approval rating.

The move by the AWU has been supported by other unions in Australia, including the Transport Workers Union as well as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

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Australian government announces study of tax system

Australian government announces study of tax system

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Australian federal treasurer, Peter Costello, has announced a study to compare the Australian taxation system with those of other countries. It will include overall tax levels, as well as indirect tax, income tax and company tax systems. Mr Costello says that the results are intended to inform discussion of the future of the tax system.

“The aim of the study is to provide a public document that compares Australian taxes to those in other countries. This will identify those areas where Australia leads comparable countries and those areas where it lags. It will enable a focus on the most important areas,” Mr Costello said in a media release.

The study will be lead by Mr Richard (Dick) Warburton and Mr Peter Hendy. Mr Warburton is Chairman of Caltex Australia Ltd, and has been Chairman of the Board of Taxation since its inception in September 2000. According to its website, the Board of Taxation is “a non-statutory advisory body charged with contributing a business and broader community perspective to improving the design of taxation laws and their operation.”

The Australian Democrats welcomed the study but warned that nothing would be achieved without serious reform of the tax system.

“The Inquiry announced yesterday by the Treasurer may turn out to be a step in the right direction but will be a pointless exercise if it ends up being simply a ‘desktop’ report,” said Senator Murray, Democrats Tax Spokesperson.

“The problem with Mr Costello’s approach is that in contrast to the approach taken on the GST, the New Tax System, and the Business Tax System, he has seen income tax change to be solely part of the budget process. Across the whole of the political and public policy spectrum, there is strong agreement that reform is needed, not just tax cuts, and that the income tax system needs redesigning, not just fine tuning.”

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“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Woofstock” dog festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

North America’s largest outdoor dog festival came back to Toronto last weekend for its fifth year. It ran from the 9th of June to the 10th of June at Toronto’s historical St. Lawrence Market. A Wikinews reporter was there on Sunday to report on some of the events that happened on the last day.

The “Woofstock” dog festival attracted as many as 140,000 people with their dogs. The festival had tons of accessories, sold under tents, to buy for dogs; food, toys, designer clothes, and more. About 400 vendors and exhibitors were there to promote their products, which also gave private dog companies or groups a chance to show their new products. The local SPCA and some animal rescues were under tents answering questions from visitors. While walking, all visitors could see the CN Tower and other very tall buildings.

One of the local TV stations, Citytv, was there. They hosted a live event at the show which was broadcast on TV. People came up on the stage and asked questions regarding their dogs and the host and co-host answered them.

A man, who called himself the “Chalk Master”, drew two pictures on pavement with chalk. He did it for free but donations were welcome. One was a picture of a girl’s head beside a dog’s head, and another with a wolf.

“Hello Humans. I’ve been invited here to provide your eyeball(s), with some pretty colours. I don’t get paid as I work this weekend strictly for tips… so, if you like what you see please make a DONATION. If you don’t like it simply reach into the pocket of the person next to you and give me their money. CHALK MASTER.”

A contest called “Canada’s top dog” had its own tent with a professional photographer taking pictures of dogs behind a white screen; the winning photo is to be published on the cover of “Puppy and dog basics” magazine.

Large “Gourmet” dog bones were also served from a cart and table.

Next year’s festival is expected to be bigger and better with even more attractions.

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Delhi High Court restores copyright infringement case at Delhi University

Delhi High Court restores copyright infringement case at Delhi University

Monday, December 12, 2016

On Friday, the Delhi High Court restored a trial over claims of copyright infringement from photocopying of study materials for Delhi University (DU) course packs.

The charges of violation of copyright by DU’s Rameshwari Photocopy Service was dismissed by justice Rajiv Sahan Endlaw in September saying there is no copyright infringement. But the bench of justice Pradeep Nandrajog and Yogesh Khanna said the case raises a “triable issue”.

The bench restored the case, meanwhile still allowing the Rameshwari Photocopy Service to sell course packs containing copyrighted material of the publications of claimants Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, and Taylor and Francis. The shop has been asked to report to the court every six months on what and how many course packs it photocopies and distributes.

The owner of the photocopy service shop, Dharam Pal Singh, said there was no reason for preparation of a course pack beyond the curriculum. He said the course pack had only readings the professors require or recommend; only important sections of the published books were photocopied.

“We declare that the law in India would not warrant an approach to answer the question by looking at whether the course pack has become a textbook, but by considering whether the inclusion of the copyrighted work in the course pack was justified by the purpose of the course pack”, the bench said.

Dharam Pal said the students needed course packs because some books are limited by “availability, price and circulation”. He said they are preserving data of some books last published more than half a century ago, and that some of the books cost more than ? 2000.

The High Court said it needs “expert evidence” to judge whether it is copyright violation or, as judge Sahani ruled, a fair use.

The case of copyright infringement was filled in the court in 2012. In September, Justice Endlaw said that, according to Section 52 of the Copyright Act, this instructional use did not amount to copyright infringement. He said, “Copyright, specially in literary works, is thus not an inevitable, divine, or natural right that confers on authors the absolute ownership of their creations.” Endlaw added, “Copyright is intended to increase and not to impede the harvest of knowledge. It is intended to motivate the creative activity of authors and inventors in order to benefit the public.”

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The Art Of Making Moulded Plywood Furniture

Submitted by: Roberto Emilio

When people talk about working with plywood many think about boat building but furniture designers have also been big fans of this versatile material.

The earliest examples of plywood furniture appear in the 18th century but it was not until the 1850s that it went into commercial production in the United States. Innovation continued during World War I when the aviation industry contributed to the continuing success of plywood by creating a product with additional quality, flexibility and durability.

When the furniture makes of the 1920s were looking for a cheap alternative they turned to plywood. The first to make a breakthrough in using plywood was Dutch cabinet maker Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, who in 1927 built a chair with a seat made from a single piece of plyboard.

This single seat set in motion a domino effect in design. Many examples of classic modernist furniture have been designed and built using plywood during the 20th century among the most famous are the Eames chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. These chairs are still prized as design icons to this day.

Keryn Hughes continues this tradition by creating a stunning collection of contemporary moulded plywood furniture for adults and children. Her style reflects the early modernists using uncluttered lines in functional pieces embracing the warmth and quality of wood and laminate.

YouTube Preview Image

In the beginning Keryn created a small range of children s furniture made by hand. When demand became too intense Keryn took time to reflect and thus created her current signature range of contemporary moulded plywood furniture for adults and children.

The aim of the collection was to create contemporary designs with a classic edge, that are affordable, durable and could serve more than one purpose. Keryn also wanted to include a funky aspect to her creations so she has added the ability to include a splash of colour using a laminate.

Keryn s company philosophy is to combine the use of environmentally sensitive materials with designs that enable the one piece to be used in numerous ways thus maximizing the efficiency of the piece.

The making of plywood is an environmentally sensitive technique that creates a material of outstanding strength and stability that also weights little. The wood used to make the ply is a natural renewable resource harvested from plantation forests.

Keryn s love affair with wood continues into her design studio, designed by eminent architects Peter Stutchbury and Sue Harper, it looks like an overgrown tree house in the back garden.

Her tree house/office combines the best of both worlds creating a short communte to work but also keeping the office separate from her home life. The open plan design uses recycled blue gum and glass to create an airy feel and, of course, her beloved plywood creates the ceiling, floors and a large deck for work.

Keryn s hard work has paid off with her Y-Front Side Table being selected as a finalist in the Furniture category of the Home Beautiful Product of the Year 2008 awards.

The panel of judges chose only 3 finalists, based on the criteria of excellence in design, innovation and practicality.

Keryn s collection is designed and made in Australia. And in 2008 they were formally initiated into the not-for-profit Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign.

About the Author: Roberto Emilio is a artist and author who works and writes about

contemporary wooden furniture

and design. He is particulary interested in innovative

children’s furniture

and contemporary furniture

made from moulded plywood



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